Alexandra Engellmann Review on Goodreads

Alexandra Engellmann
Finding Maslow reads like a movie. A powerful, fast-paced, multilayered story that doesn’t give you a moment to breathe. There are two main characters and many more others, and each of them has a story to tell, a lesson to teach the reader. When I was offered a free copy for review and read the blurb, I knew just what kind of a story it was – and I turned out right. It’s like one of those drama movies where characters have to go through a big change, and it leaves you shaken for days. It also feels like life suddenly got so much brighter, and you can feel everything so much stronger than before. It gives you perspective.
The two main characters, Justina and Daniel, are trapped together in a storm. They have to work with each other not only to help themselves, but the others as well. This big task challenges them to become someone bigger than they are, to overcome their differences.
I can’t come up with one thing that I didn’t like about the book. The romance was tasteful, the drama deep, the humor subtle, and the danger thrilling. There were a lot of emotional issues, and the characters’ complexity made it impossible not to care for them. It was intense and somewhat personal, and the inspiring tone of the story tells me that the author has put more than a little piece of her soul into it.
This book is great for all ages. Whoever you are, if you love drama, this book is for you.