Novel- Finding Maslow

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Winner of two awards, Finding Maslow is a classic story of boy meets girl, although in this case, the boy and girl also meet a devastating storm that changes their lives forever.

Justina, a somewhat aimless law student, returns to the family home in Long Beach, New York, shortly before Hurricane Sandy is going to hit.  Her father, a powerful Latino politician, is nowhere to be found, but he has sent someone to shore up the family home, Daniel.  Daniel is a local boy from a poor neighborhood who is surviving by delivering bagels and doing odd jobs, while also struggling to overcome a world of grief and guilt over his mother’s recent death.

When the hurricane hits, Justina and Daniel are trapped together to ride out the storm and the aftermath.  As they join the community to help rebuild their neighborhoods, they learn about themselves and each other, and how their very different worlds conflict.

Finding Maslow is rich with a diverse array of characters-a proud and overprotective single father, a smooth operator who tries to ‘win’ Justina’s heart, a neighborhood character trying to survive in her storm-ravaged home, and a feisty ex-girlfriend who isn’t quite what she seems.

This story is about Hurricane Sandy, but is about much more than that.  It is about people overcoming challenges; it is about diversity, both cultural and social; and it is a love story about two people who should never be together, based on the different worlds they live in.  Lastly, it is about disasters, their effect on communities, and how people in those communities come together regardless of their differences to rebuild their lives.

From Long Beach, New York to glittering Manhattan, from a poor hospital in Far Rockaway, New York, to earthquake-ravaged Mexico City, Finding Maslow takes the reader on a journey to find hope and meaning in the midst of tragedy.

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