A Hurricane Sandy Survivor’s Poem

Boardwalk Bones, Long Beach, NY
Boardwalk Bones, Long Beach, NY

The following poem was written by a resident of Long Beach, New York, who works at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway.  It was written shortly after Sandy destroyed Long Beach, including her home, and the surrounding areas.

A Sandy Story

By Ellen Barnett

We’re going home, we’re going home
Back to the place where it all began
Back to the place where we picked up and ran.
It all was so hard, the rain and the flood
Damaging everything, bringing the mud.
The house was our castle, our solace, our space
Do we ever appreciate what’s in front of our face?

All lost, the furniture, cars, and pans
Appliances, tools, all witnessed first hand.
Staying at relatives, hotels and the rest
Just looking for privacy along the quest.

FEMA, insurance, angst and claims
Was there anything we overlooked in the game?
Getting a loan, contractor, plumber
It’s all too much; hide my face in the cover.
Ordering food, eating Halloween candy
Our faces reveal the ravage of Sandy.

Soon we’ll be home; shiny, new, painted beige
A new oven, dishwasher, dryer and range
The trappings of home on a sweet afternoon
Just couldn’t come a moment too soon.
Your loved ones, your pets, your home, your life
It could all be over from weather or strife
At a moment’s notice you life is changed
All that you know is rearranged.

But I guess survival is the key to it all
We take our lumps, survive the fall
One thing’s for sure, in Long Beach, we’re hearty
We’ll celebrate this summer with a big block party!